A story behind Stackrole and how I went onto change the way our websites are built, deployed, and managed.


The idea of starting Stackrole is just a couple of days old, But the inception happened way back in 2017.

Those were my early days to React and just discovered Gatsby. Through a friend and a mentor Jason Lengstorf, I joined Gatsby as a contributor.

That was the aha moment, with Gatsby I can build websites and learn to write better React apps. Then I built my website with Gatsby, It was blazing fast.

Then entered Netlify. Like every other solopreneur, I had many websites, that were costing money for hosting and SSL certificates. Even though there were many affordable hosting providers, no one provided free SSL with Let's Encrypt. If any company was giving free SSL, the price was high.

It was the time when Google was showing a badge for websites with HTTPS and calculating HTTPS into SEO algorithm. After searching tirelessly I found Netlify, A hosting provider, that hosts your website on a CDN, Bundles with HTTPs, Git integration with Continuous deployments all for Free. That way like every developer's dream come true :)

With Gatsby as Static Site Generator and Netlify as Hosting provider, I was all into JAMstack. 1 piece missing was a CMS. I have been a WordPress user and I love it, But it has its pros and cons. I wanted a CMS that is as easy as WP.

A couple of months ago I discovered Netlify CMS, an open-source git workflow based CMS by Netlify. Instead of a database, Netlify CMS stores data on Markdown, YAML and JSON files. This made possible to run a complete static website with CMS like functionality. That completed my stack of JAMstack and Stackrole came to existence.

With Stackrole i bring you a decade of my professional experience as UI/UX Designer and Web Developer while working with many SAAS products.

Lets build Blazing Fast websites

Over the coming weeks I am planning to launch a open-source Gatsby Starter. Then I will launch premium JAMstack starters into marketplaces.

Thank you for taking time to read our story :)

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