Let's add a custom domain for your Netlify hosted website.

  • Goto your Netlify Dashboard
  • Select your Website from the list
  • Goto Domain Settings
  • Select Add Custom Domain
  • Add your domain name in Custom domain field then Verify
  • If the domain is already purchased, it will prompt you to confirm you are the owner. Select Yes, add domain or Else you can buy the domain from Netlify itself.
  • Now look in your custom domain section, There will two new lists of your domain with and without www. Click Check DNS Configuration, here you can find ANAME or ALIAS record instructions.
  • If you want to best results out of your Netlify hosting, just scroll in the Check DNS configuration popup and find Use Netlify DNS
  • Click on Set up Netlify DNS for [domainname.tld]

Set up Netlify DNS

Now you are followed by 3 tabs

  • Add Domain
  • Add DNS Records (optional)
  • Activate Netlify DNS

Add Domain

Here click Verify and confirm you are the owner of the domain by clicking Yes, add domain

Add DNS Records (optional)

if you are already using email or other services you can add those records here. You can skip this step do that later also

Activate Netlify DNS

This tab will present you with Netlify DNS Nameserver. This you can add at your domain registrar domain settings > DNS > Nameserver,... this might change depending on domain registrar

If you are having trouble, Simply do a Google search on "how to change Nameservers on [your domain registrar]" this will point you in the right direction.

Hope this guide helps you host your website on Netlify with custom domain mapping :)

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