Maestro - Gatsby & Netlify CMS starter

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Maestro is a multipurpose Jamstack template built with Gatsby and Netlify CMS. Comes with Home, About with timeline, Portfolio, Blog, and Contact pages.

This Jamstack website template is built with

Static Site Generator

Headless CMS
Netlify CMS

Theme UI

One website many styles

Maestro - Gatsby & Netlify CMS starter- feature 0

Include 7 styles for the featured section. Include text alignment to left, right, and center along with options for image, slider, video, or just text info. Combine this with our powerful theme options, you got yourselves a new website

Feature packed Blog

Maestro - Gatsby & Netlify CMS starter- feature 1

Showcase your expertise with Maestro's blog that comes with options to add full width featured image, Code highlighter for code snippets, Markdown, Categories, tags, authors, comments and blog navigation.

Portfolio with custom layout options

Maestro - Gatsby & Netlify CMS starter- feature 2

Home for all your creative work, customizable layout arrangement to showcase your work with images, markdown, grids, list view content. Each list item can be further controlled to align left, right and center.

About with Timeline

Maestro - Gatsby & Netlify CMS starter- feature 3

Inside the about page we have included markdown, skills, and timeline to add experience and education section, for a company, this can be repurposed into a timeline of achievements and awards.

Companies and recommendations

Maestro - Gatsby & Netlify CMS starter- feature 4

It is time to showcase the companies you worked for and the recommendations you collected over the years from colleges and clients.

Contact Form

Maestro - Gatsby & Netlify CMS starter- feature 5

Keep in touch with your customers and collect leads with this simple contact form, you can also add your email, phone, and google map. Contact form can be configured on Netlify and start receiving emails.

Light mode and Dark mode

Maestro - Gatsby & Netlify CMS starter- feature 7

We all have different tastes, some love light mode and some feel more comfortable with dark mode.

Bundled with Netlify CMS

Maestro - Gatsby & Netlify CMS starter- feature 8

Websites work perfectly when design meets functionality with Netlify CMS integration out of the box you can create content, manage layout, and change appearance all from one place

Prefer code over CMS

Maestro - Gatsby & Netlify CMS starter- feature 9

You can edit your website content and settings using Markdown and JSON

Integrations and Settings

Maestro - Gatsby & Netlify CMS starter- feature 11

We have integrated Maestro with Google Analytics, Disqus, Convertik, and Search. You can enable and disable these features right from your settings page

SEO best practices

In Maestro, you can manage all you SEO title, description, and image inside your Netlfiy CMS.

Apart from that Maestro follows SEO best practices Breadcrumbs, XML Sitemaps, favicons, Offline support, and Manifest (Progressive Web App). All these features will help get indexed better and improved search results in search engines.

Built to Perform

Maestro - Gatsby & Netlify CMS starter- feature 13

We took at most care about performance while developing Maestro. It comes with lazy loaded images, responsive images, and image optimizations to reduce the unwanted load close to zero. We also take leverage Netlify build plugins to optimize your website build speeds.

We at Stackrole took every opportunity to make Maestro, the best Jamstack template in the market for you to build a portfolio website.


Icons and Images:

  • Images by Unsplash

Google Fonts:

  • Open Sans by Steve Matteson

Note: All images & videos are used for demo purposes and NOT include in the purchase packages.


Feature updates and bugfix list for Maestro template.

2.1.0 - 2021-04-05

  • Added layout options for header, footer, and content
  • Design improvement for an overall website using layout options
  • Logo alignment fix
  • Added support for social sharing with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Telegram, Whatsapp, and Email
  • Added a flag to preserve webpack cache unless used yarn clean

2.0.0 - 2021-03-30

  • Upgraded to Gatsby V3 and performance updates.
  • Migrating Netlify CMS backend to Github from git-gateway

1.0.0 - 2021-03-23

  • Product launch with Gatsby v2 and Netlify CMS

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