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Gatsbyjs Blog

A simple blog with responsive and streamlined design with RSS feed, Email newsletter, Contact form, Posts organized by tags, and so many.


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  • GatsbyJS compiles the blog into HTML+CSS+JS so hosting the blog costs nothing at providers like Netlify.
  • Autogenerated tracedSVG image placeholders are stylized to create a smooth look and transition as the image loads without the page jumping around.
  • Write blog posts into Markdown files (easy to format and content will not be married to any platform).
  • Expandable: possible to embed custom React components into Markdown.
  • Posts organized by tags.
  • Teasers of posts are generated to front page with infinite scroll which gracefully degrades into pagination.
  • Allow readers to be notified of updates with RSS feed and email newsletter.
  • Contact Form.

By Atte Juvonen

I’m Atte Juvonen, I ramble about code, data, and other geeky interests.

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