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Updates from Jamstack Ecosystem

Official i18n Theme for Gatsby\ With a world filled with people speaking many languages, internationalization is key for your business to be a Global success. If you are in the midst of taking your website global you should definatly check this article on the implementaion i18n. ​

Gatsby vs the other Jamstack frameworks\ If you are starting out into the Jamstack and wondering, which Static Site Generator to choose from, Then this comparision should give you pretty solid understanding on the SSG's. ​

Build a Jamstack App with Strapi as your Backend​\ In this two part series you will learn how to build an app that lists cute corgis and lets users pet them or boop them. 🐶 ​

Deciding on what JavaScript framework to use for your next project​\ Framework wars have been part of a daily routine of JavaScript developer, but it never gets old with ton of new features being added so often, in this video, Academind compares Angular, React and Vue using thier core categories

​ ​Building corporate website with Strapi and Nextjs\ Strapi has started building some cool websites with Strapi and different frameworks such as Gatsby, React, Next, Vue, Nuxt and Angular.

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