Its week two and we are back with amazing stuff from the Jamstack community just for you.

ðŸ•ĩðŸ―â€â™€ïļ Adding Search to Your Gatsby Site​\ If you every had a doubdt about implementing search on your Jamstack website. This article will help implement just that written by Brian Rinaldi of Stackbit.

🍕 Did you know Little Caesars Pizza is built with Gatsby​\ Who doesn't love a good bite of pizza, so is the thought of many Americans after watching "Little Caesars Pizza", super bowl ad. So, they quickly decided to scale thier website with Gatsby.

😋 Create a food ordering app with Nextjs, Strapi and Stripe​\ do you know how complex it to build a app, that to a food ordering app? this involves listings, user authentication, payments, checkout etc,.. In this 7 part series Ryan Belke make this journey a breeze, not just that this could be a great learning experiance if you have not built an app of such scale and vibrance. Last week i shared this, but now all 7 parts are available for you to dive in.

ðŸĪŠ Do you think comments are overrated for a blog? how about reactions​\ In this article, Paulie Scanlon discusses how wanted a to build a reaction system for Gatsby blog and shares his implementation with FaunaDB.

ðŸ“Ķ Everything's a box! Intro to ThemeUI 🌈\ Have tried writing CSS-in-JS? How about Styled components? If you are someone who heard about these but never tried them or you are looking for cool ways to make life easier while writing CSS, you should definatly check this out.

Stackrole Updates

Last week we wrote an amazing article and new Gatsby starter

🏎 Improve your Nodejs workflow with NVM and AVN​\ Working on different projects, that use multiple versions of NodeJS? and having trouble setting up the project? then you need to use NVM — Node Version Manager.

Added Kaldi a GatsbyJS starter built by Netlify demonstrating features of Netlify CMS. 👇

Kaldi GatsbyJS and Netlify CMS Starter

This starter is really cool interms of just the features but the Jamstack tools used. It has integration of Netlify CMS - a headless CMS, that lets manage content thru gui and markdown files. Is it awesome, Even our Stackrole blog is built with it.

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